Magdalena y el Capitan Chorizo

Centro de Historia de  Zaragoza Zaragoza, SPAIN 2009

The Last Supper

GX Gallery London 2008

A Forest of Drawings

Kew Gardens London 2007

You are Art Hotel

GX Gallery LONDON 2006

My work in installation is perhaps the one in which elements of performance, audience participation and a dialogue with the spectator have a stronger presence. I’m interested in interactivity, and in making those who experience the work protagonists. I work with site specific issues and try to have an impact on the way people experience and/or interact with a specific space. I believe installations are a very appropriate way to inspire people who don’t usually take part in artistic activities and to change the way museums and galleries relate to their audiences.

“Drawing Machines”

Turner Contemporary

Margate, UK 2011

Colchester, UK 2011TRI-ART.html