A show based on the idea of the Spanish “Fiesta”, which apart from having fun and partying also means “The Bullfight”.

The performance follows the dramatic structure of the bullfight, where the three parts are the equivalent to the three different stages every bull will undergo on their way to their own death. 

The show has many interactive elements, with the audience dressing up before entering the stage, dancing several times during the show and even eating sexy tapas from the performers’ costumes and bodies!

Si el tiempo no(s) lo impide R&D took place partly on the performance venue and partly on a real bullring. It was directed by Carlos Cortes and devised in collaboration with british performers and Spanish company ABC Danza.

Costumes and Objects designs by Femke van Gent

Performed as part of Festival Periferias, Huesca, Spain, 2006


Si el tiempo no(s) lo impide