Moving  With the Wind


“MOVING WITH THE WIND” was conceived as a landscape installation and performance that offered hundreds of people the opportunity to join actively in a celebration of colour.

This multidisciplinary event transformed areas of Margate and instigated a creative dialogue through interactive experiences.

The project idea was inspired by the “Mondrian and Colour” exhibition at Turner Contemporary

The outdoor installation element was made of a display of nearly 100 colourful giant windmills created by different community groups.Participants expressed ideas and reflected upon their individual’s identity through colour and the use of abstract patterns.

The performance was conceived as a site-specific dance piece inspired by Mondrian’s journey between representation and abstraction.

Audiences, community groups and performers moved within the windmills installation responding to the landscape and to the environment.

The live music was amplified by a pedal powered system.

Our vision was based on establishing a link between these visual elements and other Art forms like dance,

costume and music; a model that we have previously successfully established as a group, taking it to a more

ambitious level thanks to the support of Turner Contemporary, Arts Council England and London Array.

Ultimately we wanted to create a unique work of Art that would respond to this context and our creative ambition,

whilst consolidating our creative ethos, strengthening our partnership and the collaborative aspect of our practice.