A Dance residency at the Firkin Crane, Cork, Ireland, where I explored the use of live music and autobiographical material, working with a relatively large number of performers of different ages and backgrounds.


Phase 2 of BLANK CANVAS 2009 ended successfully with a sharing by the three international dance artists who had been in residence, each in their own space, for two weeks in July:

Liz Lea was working on a new solo piece inspired by the Ajanta Caves in India and her research into the early dance pioneers Anna Pavlova and Ruth St Denis.

Matthew Morris began developing his own working project and held two fantastic professional dance classes.

Carlos Cortes engaged with local dancers and musicians as part of his continuous investigation into how movement can be a liberating force, can help to engage with the physical environment, and involve audience and performers in dynamics that change the way space is perceived/inhabited.

B    L    A    N    K        C    A    N    V    A    S